Sprinkler Repair in Superior, CO

Have you been struggling with your sprinkler system year after year? One day it doesn't turn on, the next day the pop up heads get stuck, or else you've got a nozzle that just won't stop leaking water. Some days it just feels like if it isn't one thing, it's another when it comes to your sprinkler system. But don't lose all hope just yet - you've just found the sprinkler repair team of your dreams.

Our Superior sprinkler repair team can fix your leaky nozzles, unjam your pop-up heads, repair pipe leaks, and more - and we won't charge you through the roof for our services, either. We offer honest prices, accurate advice, and spot-on repairs that will last you year after year. Check out our regularly offered sprinkler repair services:

  • Jack is in the middle of a sprinkler repair in Superior, COLeak detection
  • Sprinkler head repair
  • Nozzle replacement
  • High efficiency upgrades
  • Water use analysis
  • Winterization and blow-out services
  • Drainage solutions
  • Sprinkler head calibration
  • Tree root removal
  • Drip line installation
  • Smart controller and rain sensor installation
  • Commercial sprinkler repair


we use the air compressor for winterization serviceWhen living in Colorado, it's important to take steps to effectively protect your irrigation system from the freezing temperatures of winter. Our sprinkler repair team in Superior offers winterization and sprinkler blow out services that will clear your pipes of water and prevent them from cracking and bursting once the cold sets in.

How does winterization work?

We use the blow out method, which involves passing highly pressurized air through your sprinkler pipes and nozzles in order to push out any remaining water. First, we'll shut off your water supply and attach our air compressors to the irrigation line. After closing off all backflow valves, we'll slowly begin to add compressed air into your sprinkler pipes. It's important to have a professional perform this service because many things could go wrong. You can damage your irrigation system if you blow it out with too much pressure for too long, and your stations or zones should be blown out in the correct order. Our professional sprinkler repair techs will effectively winterize your sprinkler system and ensure that no harm comes to it during the long cold Colorado winters.
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Sprinkler Repair for all of Boulder County

We don't just limit ourselves to sprinkler repair in Superior, CO. Our professional team can also provide sprinkler repair in any of the following areas near Superior:

  • Louisville
  • Lafayette
  • Boulder
  • Eldorado Springs
  • Federal Heights
  • Thornton
  • Westminster
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